Broken down ambulances threaten emergency service in Ashanti Region

Emergency health service is on the verge of collapse in the Ashanti Region as the majority of ambulances are grounded.

Only three of the 17 stations in the region are in operation with no sign from authorities of an immediate intervention to rectify the anomaly.

Sources say the situation is a reflection of the national picture with reports suggesting that only about 56 of a total of 161 ambulances active.

Officials of the National Ambulance Service are on their knees for swift state intervention.

Government procured 161 ambulances at the cost of 10 million Euros for the establishment of the National Ambulance Service in 2012.

The vehicles, with a life span of five years, have since seen no major replacement in the midst of constant break-down high maintenance cost.

Engines of most of the vehicles are out of order, and their parts cannot be procured locally.

The Ambulance Service is unable to afford the cost of procuring the parts.

At least, eleven of the ambulances are currently parked at the workshop at Ejisu.

The Ambulance Service is unable to afford the cost of procuring the parts.

Head of Public Relations, Simons Kewura says only four out of seventeen stations in the region are currently working as at April 1, 2017.

“You see these ambulances getting breakdowns and everything. You can see for yourself. We have about 10 ambulances being parked here for servicing.  But when you look at the extent of damage or faults on these vehicles, it’s not something that we can just easily fix because most of them have engine problem. It means we need total replacement,” said Kewura.

Nhyira News checks reveal Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, New Edubiase, and Manso Nkawanta are the only stations with ambulances in commission.

This means pre-hospital emergency care provided by the service is absent for mostly trauma victims.

Medics are helpless despite persistent distress call for assistance.  

This is not peculiar to only the Ashanti Region but a national issue.

Mr. Kewura appeals to government to intervene before the system collapse entirely.