Young Nigerian, Engr Echendu makes giant strides in oil & gas

At age 32, a small company (Echendu Oil and Gas Limited) he started in the UK in 2009; has grown into a multibillion dollar conglomerate, and expanded to three other countries, namely USA, Norway and Ireland.

But Echendu Ndubuisi Endy, has now turned his attention to Africa, and is currently setting up a branch of the company in his home country Nigeria, and also in Ghana, specifically in Takoradi.

With his oil company employing about 300 people including expatriates, the young businessman also employs about sixty-five people in other businesses he owns.​echendu-ndubuisi-endy

In the UK, Echendu Ndubuisi Endy owns a huge supermarket and apartments. In Nigeria he owns several houses and hostels that generate huge income for him.

In Ghana, Echendu, who appears very calm and rarely talks about his wealth, owns warehouses in Tema, Takoradi and Tarkwa, as well as houses and other landed properties.

About Engr Echendu

Echendu Ndubuisi Endy was born on 28th of october1985. People call him Engr Echendu due to his profession and luxury lifestyle.

He is the son of Ex Gen Echendu, who is a Nigerian retired army General. Echendu Ndubuisi Endy, the 7th out of ten children, grew up partly in Rivers and the eastern part of London where he had a very sound basic education.

He loved the Engineering course as a result of his father’s influence and background, but being a stickler for professionalism he decided to study the course first which took him to the prestigious University of (UCL) University College London where he bagged a degree in chemical engineering in 2007. He proceeded to do his masters in Brunel University London in the year 2010.

Working life

In his own words, he started gradually, and did not have much in his early life, but he believed so much in making it in life.

“I often struggled to make ends meet and even to set up a capital was a financial problem for him.”

He said he managed to turn around his life with a £100 thousand pounds capital which provided him a path to the better future.


Engr Echendu said he was inspired by his mother Mrs Echendu Princess Eukeria’s advice to believe in whatever he does in life. Engr Echendu told his dream is to create more jobs for many young people.

“My motivation key is my hard work. The most important person who has inspired me is my mother, and also where I started from and where I am heading to. My greatest desire is to help the youth in the world by creating job opportunities.”

“I started business at age 24 with savings I made from hard work. In fact, as far back as primary school, I showed interest in business. I can remember when I was in primary school, I would go and buy Aeroplane toys, and I would start using them just to make money. I was so interested in business even at that time.”

Unsurprisingly, today, Echendu Ndubuisi Endy is a celebrated businessman who in 2011 was ranked by vogues magazine as a young vibrant businessman.

Echendu’s values

Echendu has eyes for opportunities and he takes advantage of them. Take, for instance, in July 2010, Echendu approached the British Ports Authority to lease an abandoned piece of land which was approved. He later built facilities for his oil and gas company there.

Before that, in the year 2009, he approached the many oil drilling companies in London and other countries with the idea to supply oil drilling tools that would be cheaper for the business.

Echendu is a shining example of a big and global thinker. The Echendu oil and gas was established as a small trading firm in 2009. He believes that if you are going to be thinking, you may as well think big and think global as that is the pathway to massive success.

Echendu may have started with only one line of business, but today, he has expanded into logistics business, Real estate, trading and marketing of goods services, Transport Company, import and export, and farming.

Personal achievements

Engr Echendu was an award winner of young CEO in the oil industry UK in 2011, and as life begun to grow his business also was making profit.

Despite his rather calm posture regardless of his wealth, Engr Echendu aside his many investment and properties in the UK, Ghana and USA, has love for luxury, particular when it comes to cars and mansions.

Although he’s worth several millions of pounds he prefers not to disclose, he drives some of relatively expensive, luxurious and latest cars.

Among his fleet, is a Range Sport 2017 model worth $189,000, a Land cruiser GSR 2017 model worth $117,000, and a Lexus 570 2017 model worth $120,000, just to mention a few.



Echendu Ndubuisi Endy started working with Safic Shipping as a personal manager. In the year 2009, he founded his own business Echendu Oil and Gas Limited.

Even though his father was well established, he never stopped creating job opportunities to make a living for himself. He was one of the young successful Nigerians abroad, and he remains a generous man who takes delight in helping others.

Social life

Echendu Ndubuisi Endy loves sports, and was a good footballer during college and university days.

He played academy football and got the chance to play trials at Valley FC in Denmark, but his father talked him out of it to pursue a career in oil and gas and possibly politics.

Echendu Ndubuisi Endy is a great fan of Arsenal Football Club.