Krobo Chiefs Cry For MCE

The Plau Divisional Chief, Nene Agblezee II

The Divisional Chiefs and most opinion leaders of the Yilo Krobo Traditional council in the Eastern Region are appealing to President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo with a matter of urgency set up an independent body to conduct any investigation into the selection of Yilo Krobo MCE nomination before mentioned any names.

According to the chiefs, the nominees vetted by the constituency executives are not the peoples choice which will creates confusion in the area when any of them names are mentioned in the area, therefore as concerns elders they are calling on the President to act before it get out of hands.

The chiefs in a jointly press statement issued and signed by the Plau Divisional chief, Nene Tetteh Agblezee II noted that, some of the nominees been vetted by the constituency executives are not competent to run the office as MCE if been nominated by the President, due to that, it deem it fit and very necessary for them to add their voice to the overwhelming demand for someone whose loyalty to the New Patriotic Party is undoubted; competent, dynamic, hardworking and visionary Municipal Chief Executive by the people of Yilo Krobo.

According to the Divisional chiefs a good number of better materials for the MCE slot were left out after the shortlisting exercise by the Constituency Electoral college headed and chaired by the Constituency Party Chairman.

They noted that, the Constituency Party Chairman, Mr. Koranteng Twum has a hidden agenda in the whole exercise hence he did not consults any of us neither party Gurus nor opinions leaders.

”Prior to the shortlisted exercise, the constituency chairman confided in Nene Tetteh Agblezee III, the Plau Divisional Chief that there are some people if they should apply for the position would not be shortlisted”.

Narrating further the chiefs said true to the chairman’s words, the particular name he mentioned to them was not shortlisted in addition to some others, added that, the party chairman’s commissioned activity was not fair and dubious.

They noted that, after the shortlisted exercise, a lot of eyebrows were raised, where there was disenchantment among both party and nor party members.

The chiefs however, noted that, as they been the custodians of the land were approached by the people to register their displeasure, added that, some have threatened demonstrations and other activities that would not augur well for the party.

“We have use means to calm down the anger of the NPP members, among the youth to hold their peace. President, we have therefore use this means to appeal to you to have a second look at the shortlisted nominees presented to you” The statements underscored.

The Chiefs however, appealed to the President to send a private investigation team to find out about their assertion and that of the people of Yilo Krobo and particular choice of the people before mentioned any names.

“We also want Mr President to appointed a competent MCE who cuts across political divide, whom we can work with together to developed Yilo Krobo and also increase the support base of the party and fit into the Presidents visions and aspirations, also enhanced the chances of the NPP in future general elections” they added.

Daniel Bampoe