Ashanti NPP communicators drop mics over lack of appointment

In the latest twist of events in the Ashanti Region, members of the Communications team of the governing New Patriotic Party have suspended their services at least for the time being.

The action by the Communicators is in protest over what they say is complete disrespect and disregard for them and the services they rendered for the party to win power.

The team comprising serial callers, radio/TV communicators, social media communicators do not understand why after three months in government, members of the team have not been given any appointment by the president.

They are even more incensed by the fact that other members of the communication team in Accra have been given juicy appointments in ministries and other state agencies.

With two days to the return of the president Nana Akufo-Addo to the region, the communications team in the Ashanti Region decided to ambush the president with a strike action.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the communications team said: “One would have thought that, a wing as crucial as the communication wing which has an onerous responsibility of projecting and defending the plans and programmes of the government would have by now have a sense of direction as regards to appointments and job opportunities but sadly, we are yet to even be met by our leadership for any assurances.”

“So far none of our members has been appointed to any position not even the members of our leadership let alone we the common members of the team even though we have the right competencies and skills to be spokespersons, press secretaries, government appointees, etc.

“Again, we have been so disdainfully treated that Macho men and vigilante groups are more important and are well taken care of than the communication team members,” the statement signed by the Director of Communications Kwesi Kyei read.

The agitation by the communications team is the latest party grievance by members of the NPP in the Ashanti Region.

Last week over 200 members of the Delta Force, a vigilante group affiliated with the NPP, in a Rambo style fashion forcibly drove the Region’s security coordinator  out of his office.

They claim the man, George Agyei did not play any role in bringing the NPP to power. They would rather the president appointed a member of the vigilante group to that office.

Just when the dust on that scandal appeared to be settling, the communications team also announced their strike which was supposed to have taken effect yesterday.

Reacting to the strike by the Communications team, the Ashanti Region  Secretary of the party, Samuel Pyne called on the members to exercise restraint in their agitations.

He said it is too early for any member of the party to begin agitating for appointment with only three months in office.

He said the president has promised to create jobs for all Ghanaians which will include all party members but was quick to add that the president is not done yet with his appointment.

He said the president will make appointments to national, regional and district offices and anybody competent will be considered for those offices.

With the president going to the Ashanti Region on Friday, Pyne hoped the issues agitating the minds of the communications team will be resolved.