Suspected Thief Electrocuted At Adenta

The body of the suspected thief

A man suspected to be a thief has been electrocuted in a provision shop at Oyarifa, near Abokobi at Adenta.

The man, yet to be identified, was reportedly electrocuted when he was allegedly making an opening at the front part of the container shop ostensibly to pass through it and enter the shop to steal some of the food beverages being sold.

Residents claimed the suspected thief took advantage of the blackout in the area to break into the shop but power suddenly came on, thereby electrocuting him.

When DAILY GUIDE visited the scene at about 8:00 am yesterday, the suspected thief was still trapped in the hole with his upper part inside it while the lower part was out.


According to the residents, that was not the first time containers in the area had been broken into by thieves.

Madam Mavis Manubea Opoku, owner of the container, went to the shop at about 7:00 am yesterday with intent to open her shop for business when she saw the suspected thief trapped with his head inside the container. She said he was dead.

Police visited the scene and found the upper body of a young man believed to be in his early 30s, trapped in the lower part of the metal container with burns on his chin.

With the help of personnel of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Dodowa branch, the body was removed.

Inside the shop was an old refrigerator which has rusted.

It is believed that the suspect might have touched part of the rusted refrigerator and was electrocuted.

The body has since been sent to the Police Hospital for preservation and autopsy by the Abokobi police.


By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey

([email protected])