Record numbers of babies being born in Iceland nine months after Euro win over England

Record numbers of women were due to give birth in Iceland yesterday – exactly nine months on from their country’s win over England in the Euros.

Icelandic magazine Visir reported a tweet put out by Asgier Petur Porvaldsson who is a resident in Landspitali Hospital, Reykjavik. He said numbers were up at his hospital’s maternity ward.

The doctor tweeted: “hehehe day, set a record in the number of epidurals in the maternity duty this weekend – nine months after the 2-1 win over England.”

Monday marked exactly nine months ago to the day since Iceland’s football team beat England at Euro 2016 with a 2-1 victory in Nice.

The result led to wild celebrations in Iceland – and we think we now know just how wild they were.

We wish the mothers and their new arrivals Roy, Wayne, Joe etc etc well.