Chief Lambasts Politicians Over Illegal Mining

Ahunabobrim Agyensaim addressing the participants

The Paramount Chief of Kwamankese Traditional Council, Okakaben Idun Andoh XI in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) District of the Central Region has lambasted politicians for promoting illegal mining popularly known as galamsey in the country.

According to him, politicians were behind the high rate of illegal mining which was totally destroying the country’s water bodies and therefore appealed to them to give the chiefs the mandate to come out with rules to stop the canker.

He stated that when the chiefs were given the full mandate to rule their people, galamsey would become a thing of the past in the various communities.

Okakabem Andoh made this known during a conference for chiefs, queen mothers and elders of Assin at Assin Nkran.

The conference which was on the theme “Empowering chiefs, queen mothers and elders in execution of traditional duties and activities for development” was to train chiefs on how they can bring development to their areas.

He disputed allegation that chiefs have been releasing the lands to foreigners for galamsey, adding it was rather the politicians who use their positions to acquire the lands and later transfer them to the foreigners to undertake the illegal mining.

The Paramount Chief of Owirenkyiman Traditional Council, Ahunabobrim Nana Prah Agyensaim XI also charged chiefs and queen mothers in the country to have a vision, adding there was the need for them to have a vision to undertake developmental projects for their people.

He said chiefs must have a development plan for their respective communities without waiting for any politician to bring development to them.

Ahunabobrim Agyensaim said the government has taken all the powers which belong to the traditional leaders making the chiefs powerless and therefore urged them to protect the little powers they have in the community.

He appealed to the chiefs to protect their lands so that they can provide some to government and other investors to undertake developmental projects which can help reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country.

The Benkumhene of Atandansu Traditional Area, Ansurogya Nana Toku Dum IV who was the organizer of the conference expressed concern about the way most chiefs only bear the titles without knowing their responsibilities.

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From Sarah Afful, Assin Foso