Water Shortage Hits Tamale Schools

Students in search of water

Water crisis has hit some senior high schools in the Northern Region.

The schools include Pong Tamale, Bisco, Pagnaa, Nobico, Ghanasco, Vittin and other schools in the region.

The situation is affecting teaching and learning in the various schools in the region, thereby, affecting students’ performance.

The Assistant Headmaster of the Pong Tamale High School, Abdul Aziz Ilias, told DAILY GUIDE that the river which is the only source of water to the school has dried up.

According to him, students are affected when the taps are not running because they spend long hours in queues waiting for their turns to fill their gallons and containers.

Students are mostly seen sleeping during prep hours due to the long hours they spend to get water, DAILY GUIDE has observed.

Mr Ilias stated that the school spends a lot of money when the taps are not running to ensure students are supplied with water, indicating that the schools coffers is hugely drained in their quest to supply students with water.

The assistant headmaster has, therefore, appealed to the government, NGOs and other philanthropists to come to their aid to ensure a smooth academic activity.


The Salaga Senior High School and T.I Ahmadiyya in the East Gonja District of the Northern Region have also been hit by severe water crisis.

Information available to DAILY GUIDE indicates that the schools have since 2010 not seen water running through their taps, compelling the schools to resort to tanker services to enable students to have access to water.

The Salaga Senior High School has a total student population of 1,804, forcing school authorities to spend beyond their normal budget.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale