Don’t arrest drivers for not wearing seatbelt if suicide is decriminalised – DKB

Comedian Derrick Bonney, popularly known as DKB, says the police should not arrest drivers who do not wear seatbelts if suicide is decriminalised.

Following the recent upsurge of suicides in Ghana, a section of Ghanaians have called for the abolishment of the law which makes suicide a criminal offence. They argue that the victims need counselling instead of a jail time.

Section 57 of the Criminal Offence Act (1960 (act29) provides that: “57 (1) A person who abets the commission of a suicide commits the first-degree felony whether or not the suicide is actually committed. (2) A person who attempts suicide commits a misdemeanour.”

Contributing to the ongoing calls, DKB in an interview with Hitz FM’s Franky 5 on This Is Gospel, said the State ought to also abolish road safety regulations if it decriminalise suicide.

“The State can decriminalise it (suicide) but if that is done, the police shouldn’t arrest anybody for not wearing a seat belt.

According to him, the police have no business if “I am sitting in my car and I want to have an accident and die, why should the police arrest me for wearing a seat belt.”

DKB further added that suicide being a criminal act should serve as a deterrent to others thus abolishing it would lead to a higher number of suicide cases.

“A lot of people fancy suicide ideas, but they ask the selves what if I fail? I could be jailed. So that criminal code on it is even acting as a deterrent to a lot of people. Take it off and there will be more (suicides) than we can handle.”

DKB said suicide victims need lashes because they are the property of the State adding suicide victims go to hell since they are self-murderers.