Chiefs Goes Wild Over Fuel Station

Some chiefs and people of Menekpo, a community in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region, have expressed their displeasure with the construction of a fuel station at Menekpo-Manya Klo.

They believe their lives are being threatened with the location of the supposed fuel station on their land.

Addressing a press conference, Asafoatse Hervi II of Menekpo said, “It is a known fact that the operation of a fuel station comes with adverse health hazards and consequences on human beings, we aware of the negative impact on the community, especially those who live around.”

He added, “Fuel stations are authorised to display warning signs such as highly flammable, no smoking, switch off phones, turn off engine, no naked fire, but this is the case where the location of the said fuel station in the heart of our community very close to residential homes, where fire is being used domestically on daily basis.

We wish to place on record that the area where the fuel station is under construction is a residential area, consisting of homes, also the place is close to the only community primary school and JHS with over 700 students population, a community library, public toilet, among others.”

Asafoatse Hervi II further stated that with the recent incidences recorded in the country where several lives were lost, they will strongly oppose the construction of the fuel station, “for example, the explosion of the Goil fuel station near Kwame Nkrumah Circle on June 3rd, 2015, which claimed about 150 lives destroying several properties and the recent one at La-Badi, are the reasons we will not sit down idle for the worst to happen to our people.”

He has, therefore, called on all stakeholders and regulatory bodies to be up and doing and revoke the permits of the fuel station for the sake of peace.

Asafoatse Hervi II continued…“We wish to put on record that the owner of the said fuel station never consulted us before starting the project, and we are surprised how he even obtained permit in the first place.  Menekpo has been a very peaceful community until we recently saw the construction of the fuel station, to ensure the continuous peace and security of Menekpo, we are appealing to authorities not to entertain such projects.”

He added, “With the full endorsement and the backing of the Paramount Chief of Manya-Klo, Nene Sakite II, who has also stated his displeasure with the location of the fuel station, we wish to remind the regulatory bodies and owners of the station in question that we are the custodians of the land and have the right to add our voices to issues and matters which will impede the progress of our people and also cause problems for them.”

 BY Daniel Bampoe