Gerard Nus blocked from Ghana exit over unpaid hotel bills

The drama between former deputy of Avram Grant, Gerard Nus, and the Ghana Football Association took a different twist as the Spanish was prevented from leaving the Alisa Hotel due to debts accrued in his name.

After he was finally settled wiith his outstanding bonuses, the deputy coach was faced with the unfortunate incident of being prevented to leave the hotel.

A text message which he sent upon this incident reads as follows (UNEDITED):


Hi, I hope you are fine. I would like to tell you few things that happen today (Saturday).

On Morning after the tv show that I was invited to attend as guest at Ghone TV, I have received a call from Alex Asante (GFA). He told me my money was ready so I could come and pick it up from GFA offices. Also they said that my flight would be booked for tonight.
Everything good. As you can imagine I was so happy. So finally after 7 weeks I was seeing a positive end of this unfortunate story.

I called my family back to Spain and they got everything organise to pick me up from Barcelona airport on Sunday.

Around 8.00pm I went to say “bye bye” to all lovely people of Alisa hotel, but the reception desk people told me that a bill on my name had to be paid.

I told them that all the times that I came to Alisa (few times since Dec 2014) I have never paid anything at all. Everything was paid and took care by GFA. Everything means room, food, laundry and caffee/drinks.

Yesterday (Friday) Alex Asante told me for first time that some of those expenses would have to be paid by me. I disagreed completly for 2 reasons: 1) I never been told about it (until yesterday). 2) I never paid before (when I’ve been hosted previously here in Ghana by GFA).
Do not take me wrong, I will be willing to pay if that was been told me since the first day that I arrived to the hotel. But this was not the case. (“you can not invite someone to you home and tell him that he has to pay some the day that he is leaving you”). This is just not right.

Now it is 22.41pm and my flight is already gone.

Security of Alisa hotel did not allow me to leave. They were saying that Alex Asante told them that I had to pay for few things. I explained them the situation. I believe that many of them were really comprensive. They think how someone supposed to pay for something when he never had to pay before? why he supposed to paid for something if previously he has never been told?

After talking on the phone with some managers and people at Alisa..we could not reach any agreement.

I did not accept to pay that bill. And I will never pay it. Because this is not the right way of doing things. Because it is not fair.

After this, I have to admit I did not act in the best behaviour as I was desperate to leave and get to this plane back home and to see my family. I really wanted to get this plane. And they did not allow me to leave the hotel. I felt like a prisoner.

It is really sad. I have been waiting to get my payment for 7 weeks after African Cup of Nations-Gabon 2017. Once finally I got paid and I needed to just take the place back… GFA had to play this card. This is dirty one.

I am really angry and upset about this.
So I am now willing to sleep in the sofa of the hotel lobby.
Feeling like a prisoner more than ever. Before at least I could leave free from the hotel to town waiting to get paid for my job with Ghana. Now it is a different story. Now I am not allowed to leave the hotel because the people that booked this hotel for me (gfa) are not willing to pay some of the expenses.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that I may cause to my lovely people of Alisa and to the guest.

Thanks for you time in reading this.