Salaga SHS hit by acute water shortage

Students of Salaga Senior High School (SHS) are calling on government and other benevolent organisations to come to their aid as the school is hit with an acute water shortage.

Joy News checks found that students of the in the East Gonja district school use most of their school hours to walk to the Kpembe dam which is about two kilometres away from the school to search for water.

According to the students, water crisis sometimes forces them to go the roadside to beg for water which they don’t always get.

“We are facing water problem in this school so we go to the roadside to beg for water. If luck is not on our side, we still have to make the long journey to the Kpembe dam,” one student told Joy News’ Illiasu Rauf.

Another student said some time they would walk to the dam and not get any water to draw.

One student said she is forced to travel long distance for water but she is sickly and has been advised by doctors not to do any hard work but she has no option.

“I have no option but to walk long distances in order to get water. With my condition, I get scared because one day after I walked over a long distance for water I collapsed on the way,” a female student said. 

“We are appealing to the authorities to help to solve our problems,” one student added.

When the reporter contacted authorities of the school for their comment, they declined to comment on the record.