Solar powered water kiosks opened in Accra, Northern region

Project Maji has opened two new solar powered water kiosks in the Greater Accra and Northern regions of the country.

The first was opened at Gaymtutu in the East Gonja district and the second at Otuaplem, Amasaman, in the Ga West district.

Project Maji’s proprietary technology allows them to set up a fully functioning, high capacity solar powered water kiosk for about the same cost as a hand pump.

However, the Project Maji solution offers greater capacity and reliability and multiple dispensing taps to ensure the community does not have to form long queues while waiting for water.

Solar Power

This allows children to fetch water efficiently and attend school on time, and for women to use the time saved in collecting water to take up wage-earning work.

 Project Maji has worked with the Cape Coast University in Ghana to have its sites independently audited so that their impact can be verified, and indeed the results have come back positive every time.

With their test phase now officially complete, Project Maji is in discussions with several Ghanaian and international corporations for large sponsorship deals, as well as the CWSA and Water Ministry to enable them to expand more widely and more rapidly.

They have also just installed their first facilities in Kenya marking the beginning of their expansion into other needy Sub-Saharan African countries.