Marwako trial-lawyer demands documents from prosecution

Defence counsel in the Marwako Restaurant assault case has filed an application on notice for the prosecution to release documents they intend to rely on for trial.

According to Augustine Asarfo-Adjei, documents of prosecution including the statement of the victim would enable him to conduct an effective cross-examination.

Defence counsel said if he was not furnished with those documents it would be difficult for him to proceed with the cross-examination of the victim, Evelyn Boakye, a worker of the restaurant.  

Defence counsel, therefore, moved a motion before a District Court at Abeka Lapaz where the victim continued to answer questions under cross-examination.

Prosecuting Chief Inspector H.A. Hanson informed the court presided over by Victoria Ghansah that he has just received the application and would need to study and respond to it. 

Some journalists at the court 

The court adjourned the matter to Thursday, March 23, for the prosecution to respond to the application.

Jihad Chaaban, a Lebanese supervisor at Marwako Restaurant, was put before the court for allegedly manhandling a female waitress of the restaurant.

Chaaban aged 26, was charged with offensive conduct by calling the victim a prostitute, intentionally and unlawfully causing harm and assault.

Mr Chaaban has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

He was on February 28, this year, alleged to have assaulted the Evelyn Boakye for fidgeting with a blender and working slowly.

Chaaban, a brother –in-law of the owner of Marwako Restaurant at Abelemkpe branch allegedly grabbed the neck of the victim angrily and dipped her face into a blended pepper which poured on the table.