Growing ethnocentrism in Ghana dangerous – Isaac Osei

The former Member of Parliament for the Subin constituency in the Ashanti region, Isaac Osei has raised red flags over the growing wave of ethnocentrism in Ghana.

He said the perception that some ethnic groups are superior to others and the appointment of political appointees based on ethnicity is detrimental to the development of the country.

According to the former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the country must harness the contributions of all its citizens irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.

Delivering a speech at the third edition of the Achimota speaks to mark the 90th anniversary of Achimota School, Mr. Osei stressed that ethnic groups have aligned behind political leaders to get a piece of the national cake.

This, he said is drawing back the development of our country.

“Our societies are basically ethnic in nature and all the various ethnic groups are struggling to get a piece of the national cake. To get a piece, one has to control national resources and this can be done through attaining political power.

“Hence ethnic groups have lined up behind political parties or leaders who in their view are likely to get them their share.

“The lack of competent people and self-aggrandizement of officials and leaders further draw back the development of our country,” the Managing Director of the Tema Oil Refinery said Thursday.