Former NACOB boss convicted of contempt

Former Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Akrasi Sarpong, has been convicted of contempt by an Accra High Court, Tuesday.

He is said to have made a contemptuous comment in 2013 after a High Court granted bail to a 53-year-old businessman, Chief Sunny Ikechukwu Benjy Eke, and his partner James Eleke Chukwu,47, who were facing cocaine smuggling charges.

The two were remanded in prison for attempting to smuggle 281,604 grammes of cocaine valued at $12.5 million into the country.

It was alleged the two concealed the drug in a 40-footer container filled with 1,946 boxes of shampoo imported from Bolivia in South America to Ghana.

Lawyers for the accused applied for a bail and it was upheld by an Accra High court.

Displeased by the court’s decision, Mr Sarpong is quoted to have said the terms for the bail were unfortunate since Chief Eke was known to have jumped bail in Brazil.

The NACOB boss’ attitude did not sit well with the business man whose lawyer decided to sue him for contempt.

The court presided over by Justice Charles Edweard Ekow Baiden held that Mr Sarpong’s comment was meant to undermine the authority of the court that granted the bail to the suspects.

The court found his comments wrong and unacceptable. The presiding judge cautioned him that a repeat of that would result in a jail term.