Referee Samuel Sukah attracts Kotoko’s fury

The dust seems to be settling on Hearts 1-0 win over Kotoko but the debate on whether Hearts were correctly awarded a penalty will linger on for a couple of days.

The man at the center of the controvesy has been Samuel Sukah with members in the Kotoko camp taking turns to bash the referee.

Assistant coach Godwin Ablordey led the charge in his post match press conference clearly stating that the decision was in bad taste and could destroy the image of Ghana football while editor of Kotoko Express Jerome Otchere was completely appalled by the decision. For former Kotoko captain Issa Ahmed, he was of the view that the referee should be banned.


“It is not a penalty, I’m very surprised. I had a chance of watching the replay and it wasn’t a penalty. If this is how referees are going to handle the football in Ghana then Ghana football won’t go far.


This is disgrace to our football and I think especially Samuel Sukah does not know what clubs go through to prepare for these kind of matches. When the ball hit the defender, I thought it was penalty but after watching the replay over again, Samuel Sukah is a big disgrace to football and I will urge him to appease Kotoko fans by rendering an apology. His attitude will not help our football and with what happened at the Accra Sports Stadium, nobody should clap for Samuel Sukah because if the match should have ended in a draw it would have been a true reflection of the game and for me he was ignorant and his performance was disgraceful and nobody can convince me that we had such opportunities against Liberty and Chelsea when we were awarded a penalty.I know that we did not take our chances in the first half and anybody who will heap praises on Sukah for his performance on the day is not somebody I will not respect so I think he should apologize not Kotoko fans only but to the whole football fans because he has disappointed me big time. His attitude is a big insult to the Football Association and I will not give him the benefit of the doubt for his attitude. We always say that referees makes mistakes but Suker knew what he was doing and this attitude by him has told me that referees in Ghana do not care about their reputation.


This referee needs to be banned again he doesn’t represent Ghana  football