Anita Desoso Threatens Appiah Stadium: ‘I’ll Make You Run From Kumasi’

Anita Desoso

Vice Chairperson of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Anita Desoso has warned one of the party’s popular serial callers, Frank Appiah aka ‘Appiah Stadium’, that he’ll soon run away from Kumasi for his dear life if his cover is blown.

According to her, Appiah Stadium has done the NDC a lot of wrongs which have worked against the interest of the party, adding that it is nauseating to hear the same person point accusing fingers at some leading members of the NDC.

Her threats come in the wake of allegations made by Appiah Stadium, that she Anita Desoso and Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho have a grand agenda to ruin the political future of ex-President John Mahama.

Appiah Stadium who defected from the NPP to the NDC told Kasapa News that the duo have hatched a plan to make it impossible for Mr Mahama to stage a comeback to lead the NDC in 2020 elections. He said his claim has been reinforced by an interview Koku Anyidoho granted GHOne TV a few days ago during which he made a statement to the fact that “leadership will rotate, “I loved President Mills, but I worked for President Mahama.”

Anita also recently accused the various campaign groups that were formed for Mahama of contributing largely to the parties defeat in last year’s elections.

Appiah Stadium warned both party executives to stop their moves to make John Mahama unpopular or he’ll strip them naked by exposing their evil agenda.

But responding to the allegations by Appiah Stadium, in an interview with Kasapa News, Anita Desoso vowed not to allow the former whom she described as a stranger, to be made a chief in NDC.

“Today you Appiah Stadium, you are the cause of the death and maiming of some NDC supporters in Kumasi just before the 2008 elections, which forced Ambassador Ohene Agyekum and me to invoke curses on our opponents a move that saved our party and brought us to power. Today you think you’re better off so you insult me and claim you’ll strip me naked…go ahead. I don’t blame you, you’re now a royal in the NDC and some of us have become slaves. You’re a Judas who has turned into a Jesus Christ, today you love John Mahama than I do? Tell your paymasters that I say they should come forward themselves. With the sort of treatment you meted out to the NDC in Ashanti Region before 2008, if the NPP were to do same to you now, you would have been dead.

Anita added: “The NDC is bigger than both of us, you should know that you joined the party from the NPP and I’ll not allow you to be a chief in NDC. If Appiah Stadium doesn’t take care, he’ll soon run away from Kumasi and seek refuge elsewhere when his wrongs against the party are exposed.”