Music group 5Five still exists – Papi

Entertainment of Friday, 17 March 2017



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Normally when a music group is about to collapse, it starts with so many excuses from members in the group, one of such is embarking on a solo project.

Recently, members of one of Ghana’s favorite music trio 4×4 have individually started solo projects which baffle the minds of music lovers if indeed it is a deliberate attempt or there is a problem they are not telling the public.

Also, not long ago, it was in the news that Mugeez of R2Bees fame was going solo, something we know has been going on for years in the camp of R2Bees of which Omar Sterling also known as Paedae even got nomination in the 17th edition of the Vodafone Ghana music Awards. So why should it be in the news again if there is nothing clandestine.

Flex newspaper in an interview with Pappi a member of the 5Five group to find out what is latest in their camp and even if the group exists, he said “the group still exists.” He said, “my other partner is busy so I decided to keep the group going that is why we agreed for me to work on my solo album. I don’t want to mention names but I will feature both the new and the old musicians.”

When asked why he hasn’t released a new song yet, he added, “I want a good work and not a rushed work. As long as it takes me to get a good work done I will. I will be dropping singles and promote them as I prepare the album.” When asked if he finds it difficult to fit in the current trend of music, he said: “If you go back to our first album we have songs like what is trending now. They are doing the same old things that we use to do but there is a little twist.”

Speaking on the state of the industry, Pappi intimated that the music industry is growing but things look one way, the media doesn’t want to talk about artistes who are not relevant. They only want those trending. He said they don’t get that love from the media.

The talent in the industry is small all what people do now is hype. When we started, it was exhibition of real talent and not noise making. There was no Instagram and it was hardly to get access to Youtube but now it is common. Most of the new artistes are doing well but the real talent is twenty percent, the rest is hype. If you have the money you pay and the media will push you. If you don’t have money, nobody pays attention to you.

When asked if it is a personal experience he is going through, he said the love for Pappi still exists because he grew up from the street so he still has his fans. “I am set to release five or ten songs before Christmas so Ghanaians should watch out,” he disclosed. He revealed that they cannot release anything from 5Five because even if they do, they cannot go around doing promo since a member is busy with other things.