Vodafone Female Staff Mentor Girls

Yolanda Cuba interacting with the girls

Female staff of Vodafone Ghana have held a mentoring session for 500 girls from various schools in Accra as part of activities to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

The Vodafone ladies shared their experience with the girls to motivate them.

Vodafone Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yolanda Cuba, who led the group, identified with most of the children who were being raised by single parents, particularly women at home.

Ms Cuba said most great women were from homes headed by only mothers but have been able to overcome the odds to achieve their dreams, urging them to take inspiration from such people.

She said with the era of technology, girls no longer have an excuse not to excel since they have all the information they need to do extremely well at their disposal.

“Grab the opportunity to make it in life,” she said.

Ms Cuba said Vodafone, which believes in empowering girls and has adopted initiatives to support girls in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“You are here because we believe in you and there is a spark in you that we want to nurture, so go after your dreams and make it work,” she said.

Hannah Ashiokai Akrong, HR Director at Vodafone, said the International Women’s Day was significant for Vodafone because women’s equality and issues were central to the company.

She said the telecom company sets aside a whole week for women empowerment activities because it believes that women can contribute just as their male counterparts.

“The theme for the international week is ‘Be Bold for Change’ and today what we are going to say is that it is so important that you are bold and confident… by just taking the extra step to stand up and ask to lead, and so that is the message we want to give the girls,” she stated.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri