7 Signs She’s Probably A Cheater (According To Science)

She’s a faker: Research published in the Archives of s*xual Behavior found that women who regularly fake orgasms—maybe they moan like P0*n stars, you don’t actually feel their bodies tighten up or they seem to have rushed s*x—are less faithful than those who are more authentic in their bedroom behavior. Of the 138 women surveyed, 80 percent faked their orgasms. Researchers deduced that women who do so are less sexually satisfied and, therefore, more likely to seek orgasmic s*x outside of marriage.

Her mom has cheated: Monkey see, monkey do. That’s the logic behind research from Illicit Encounters, a dating website for married couples. In the study, nearly three quarters of women who’ve cheated admitted that their mothers have done so, too. And because their mothers could relate, they felt more validated in their actions.

She does the majority of the housework: This research comes from extra-marital dating site Gleedon, which surveyed over 10,000 women and found that three quarters of them were driven to infidelity because their partners didn’t carry their weight domestically. More specifically, 86 percent of women claim they were annoyed when their partners would routinely ignore their household duties, while 84 percent said they’ve had many arguments regarding an uneven division of domestic tasks.

She’s blonde: What do you know, this research comes courtesy of yet another website that assists with cheating. Cheaterville’s research found that women with luscious blonde locks were most likely to cheat compared to any others on the hair color spectrum. Their research found that 42 percent of the unfaithful women on their website possess blonde hair, 23 percent are redheads, 20 percent are brunettes and 11 percent are black-haired women. Maybe not the most rigorous research but what can ya do?

She loves to shop: Of Ashley Madison’s poll of over 50,000 women from their website, more than one third confessed they’ve spent considerable cash on their appearance since they began cheating. A total of 27 percent admitted to keeping a secret credit card to pay for these purchases, and prefer Banana Republic, followed by J. Crew, Macy’s, Ann Taylor and H&M.

She likes to travel: Take this with a grain of salt, but research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that avid travelers may be more likely to cheat as they experience something called “moral flexibility” while abroad, which increases the likelihood of engaging in immoral behavior. “International travel introduces you to new people, has the magical allure of the unknown and unusual, and could free you from the usual felt constraints of your everyday world,” the research reads. “Such dynamics might lend themselves toward moral leniency and an openness towards an affair.”

She’s a cat person: Last but not least comes Illicit Encounters research asserting that, of all pet owners, those who have a cat at home are likeliest to indulge in an affair. Research found that one quarter of their membership sample owns cats. And, since this is a cheating website we’re talking about, that means a sample full of cheaters. However, only 10 percent of cheaters owned dogs, making dog owners the most faithful companions.

Source: Made Man

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