2 Natural Ways To Treat Dandruff

Dandruff come in form of extreme dryness of the scalp leaving flakes of dead skin and greasy mess in otherwise healthy hair.

Dandruff and any form of scalp dryness are usually caused by lifestyle habits amongst other things as not tending to the hair as should be (when this isn’t not a serious skin issue in which case expert opinion is best sought)

Dandruff is usually characterized by flakes of noticeably dead skin cells (whitish) in the hair. Sometimes not so serious cases of dandruff is caused by dry scalp but other serious cases may be an indication of underlying health problems so if it stubbornly persists, it should be treated.

These two ways are tested and guaranteed ways; using coconut oil and lemon to get rid of dandruff:

1. Warm up coconut oil or olive oil

2. Work this into the scalp using gentle circular motion as you massage into the corner of the scalp

3. Leave this for about 15 minutes

4. Continue with  normal gentle shampoo and conditioner.


1. Soak cotton with lemon juice

2. Work the soaked cotton ball in gentle circular motions around every area of the scalp

3. Massage lemon juice into the scalp with fingers afterwards for about 10 minutes

4. Continue with  normal gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Source: Pulse

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