Protest against salt mining company at Adina leads to one death

A demonstration against a salt mining company at Adina in the Ketu South district of the Volta Region on Wednesday led one death after protestors clashed with police.

The demonstrators, who are mostly resident in Adina, a largely fishing community, say the activities of the salt mining company are robbing them of their livelihood.

Joy News’ Volta Region Correspondent, Ivy Sertodjie, reports that during the agitation, demonstrators clashed with police who had come to the salt factory to maintain order.

Atsu Nkegbe, 22 years, who was among the protestors was allegedly shot by police.

One of the protestors told Ivy, “we cannot fish or mine as we used to do and most of our youth are jobless, we need the governing New Patriotic Party  to do something urgent about this.”

The Indian-owned salt company produces about 100,000 tonnes of salt every year but residents say they are unable to fish in the lagoon close to the site of the factory.