Girls Empowerment Programme Launched – Daily Guide Africa

(From left) Susan Namondo Ngongi, Madam Fatimata Alainchar with other dignitaries singing a gender empowerment song at the event

An international programme aimed at eliminating all forms of discrimination against girls and gender inequality in the country has been rolled out.

The programme, ‘Girls Alliance Advocacy Programme’ will offer the unique opportunity to Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to partner government and work towards the country’s attainment of gender parity.

The programme, to be piloted in five regions of the country has already been rolled out in 10 countries in Africa and Asia. It will cover topics such as child marriage, violence against girls and women, vocational and technical training of girls to empower them.

The launch of the programme took place at the Ghana NGO Coalition on the Right of the Child (GNCRC) during the commemoration of the International Women’s Day in Accra on the theme, “Be Bold for Change.”

The forum brought children from various first and second cycle schools in the capital and stakeholders from civil society groups, academia, development partners and government agencies together to deliberate on how best girls can be protected from discrimination and activities that are detrimental to their development.

The forum also looked at how girls can be empowered to take up courses in the perceived male dominated fields and make their dreams a reality.

Madam Fatimata Alainchar, Country Director of Plan Ghana, launching the programme said it was the hope of the funding partners that through the Girls Alliance Advocacy Programme, there will be an increased public support for girl-child empowerment.

“We hope that the capacity of the girl child will be built and that civil society organizations, policy makers will be enlightened to take up actions in support of anti-gender based violence and improve participation of government agencies in ending gender based discrimination,” she said.

Susan Namondo Ngongi, UNICEF Ghana Country Representative, in her speech said history had shown that women are the backbone of strong communities urging stakeholders to invest in girls if the country wishes to create a stronger and more sustainable future.

“So I am not advocating more investment in girls that will lead to them enjoying greater development outcomes than boys… but we need to ensure investment in both girls and boys that will lead to equal development outcomes,” she elucidated.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri