6 Workouts Women Find Extremely Attractive

Boxing: Jab, cross, uppercut, speed-bag it out. There’s nothing sexier than watching a guy work up a sweat by taking out his aggression on a punching bag. While not all women are attracted to a fiery fighter personality, a man boxing appears strong. Plus, boxing let’s her know that you could defend her if need be.

Yoga: There’s something alluring about a guy who can slow things down and get in tune with his body and mind. Breathing, relaxation and meditation are all entwined with yoga, and we can’t help thinking they translate to his relationship (and bedroom) skills.

CrossFit: This sport is all about varied functional movements performed at a very high intensity, so it’s innately exciting to watch. And there’s nothing like a guy crushing his WOD and possibly setting a new personal record—the energy levels and hormones spike when you push that last rep overhead. She’ll take notice of your dedication to bettering yourself and hope it’ll make you a better man for her, too.

Running: Anyone who can continuously run for 26.2 miles is tremendously inspirational and, if you’re always setting personal bests, that’s even more impressive. Women love to be able to brag about their men and will be cheering you on from the sidelines if they’re not running beside you.

Rowing: If you’re a badass rower going all Frank Underwood after a long day at the office, you’ve probably got that sexy back. For is key in order to hit the right muscle groups, and men who care about form on the rower likely care about form off the rower, too. If you get our drift.

Swimming: What woman doesn’t love broad shoulders and a six- or eight-pack? But swimming isn’t as easy as it looks—men who do it are willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful, and that’s the type of man women want for the long haul.

Source: Made Man

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