5 Things Every Guy Should Remember About Doggy

What more is there to tell about world’s second most popular s*x position, you thought it’s the most popular, the most popular is still the most direct one, the one from the Garden of Eden, missionary position. It’s by far the most natural one, as the body fuse together into one, with the man-hood sliding smoothly into almost the same position on the female’s body.

Other than that, Doggy position takes the cake, perhaps the most favored positioned, the most admired one, it isn’t only admired by men alone, women also love it. From personal discussions with women, they seem to be in love with this position as much as men, and to think it doesn’t require much like missionary, you don’t even need a bed. Anywhere with a soft floor so you don’t burn your knees.

While it’s all great, there are still some things that shouldn’t be forgotten, as compiled by FHM.

1. Hold tight: It’s one of those positions that you can freestyle as you want, essentially put your hands in the air, like you just don’t care or even give Jesus a wiper ( throwing your hands in the air from left to right). You should reconsider that, while you’re busy thinking of what to do with your hands since you’ve just found out your hands can be doing other things, you should be careful because slippage can occur, this is when the man-hood slips out of the v**ina. Whereas you’re absentminded, when it slips out, you can hit your partner in a not-so good place or even hit your hard man-hood against her, let’s hope you don’t break your own man-hood. So, put your mind back in, and hold on to her waist tight as you thrust into her.

2. Increase the pleasure for her: Remember a few moments ago when we were talking about what to use your hands for when you take it off her waist while you waist begins the autopilot mode. You can use the hand to pleasure her, you can use them to tease her clit if you can get your hands there, or even spank her, let’s not forget fondle her b**bs from behind. Here is one way to put that hand into good use, anyway, you don’t need two hands to hold her waist, one hand should be fine, depending on the beast inside her or you.

3. Slow down: it is neither a work-out nor an Olympic event, no one is getting a medal for the fastest performance when you’re done. Especially s*x, it isn’t one of those places where you want to be fastest rather just slow enough for everyone to enjoy themselves. Doggy position is quite intense for some people, making it easy for the guy to reach climax quicker. Maybe slow down and switch the strokes between slow and fast instead of just fast strokes that can make you blow your load soon.

4. Don’t just pull the hair: There is an assumption that a lot of women like their hair being pulled, which isn’t true. Not every woman wants her hair pulled during s*x in the doggy position. It might be the best to ask her first, consent matters, just ask Kemen. Don’t assume that because you’ve seen it in P0*n, then its fine and you can do that. Be careful before you pull her Indian hair out in the heat of the s*x and find out that she’s bald underneath. Ask if she’s into hair pulling or even if that’s her natural hair.

5. Use a condom: This isn’t for people who are in a committed relationship, s*x is fun but it must also be done consciously. Like we said earlier, this position can be tense for guys, you might want to pull out but for the pleasure, you get carried away, the condom will keep the semen away from your very fertile body, for people who don’t want to be parents yet.

Source: Pulse

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