5 Things Aspiring Parents Need To Learn Before Having Babies

Tell them not to do something and they will smile and slowly do that very thing right in front of you to see what they can get away with. They will push the boundaries that you set for them. Stand firm. Kids need boundaries to keep them safe and to teach them what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.

Kids will get into everything. They are a miniature Houdini when they want to be. They want to explore and learn. Their developing brain is driving them to seek out new things. Be watchful, but indulge their learning whenever possible.


Develop your situational awareness. They will wander off or get into something when you get distracted from them. If it is quiet, then they are up to something.

They are not adults and not completely in control of themselves. They will piss you off. Take a deep breath and let it go. Don’t respond to them in anger. Be firm but be in control of yourself. They will test your patience.

Kids learn through repetition. They will repeat phrases, words, songs or actions. They will watch the same movie or show or listen to the same songs hundreds of times. You will have to repeat things for them until they get them.

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