Your Orgasm Might Have This Crazy Effect On Your Partner

While it’s great to see your guy enjoy himself in bed with you, you also probably give yourself a mental high-five when he orgasms. After all, you did that, and from the looks of it, it was freaking awesome.

Now, a new study suggests that men think that way, too—but they probably put a lot more mental stock into your O than you think. For the study, which was published in The Journal of s*x Research, researchers had 810 heterosexual men read imaginary scenarios about a s*xual encounter with an attractive woman. Some scenarios involved the woman orgasming; others didn’t. The men then rated their s*xual esteem (i.e. how confident they are in bed) and how masculine they would feel after experiencing one of the imaginary scenarios.

Not surprisingly, men felt more masculine and had higher s*xual esteem when the woman in their scenario ended on a high note. Not only that, guys that had high-masculine gender role stress—meaning, they get worked up when they think they’re not meeting society’s expectation of what a man should be (ugh)—were even more likely to feel manly and have higher s*xual esteem when the woman orgasmed. As a result, the researchers concluded that women’s orgasms are partly a masculinity achievement for men.

It’s good to know that when you climax, it’s a win-win for both of you: You get pleasure, while he gets an ego boost. But, of course, it’s pretty hard for most women to climax every single time during partnered s*x. But that’s OK—that’s just life. It doesn’t mean you should fake an O just so your S.O. can give himself a pat on the back. Your climax is all about your pleasure and, if you happen to have one, awesome. If not…he’ll survive.

Source: Women’s Health


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