Ladies; You Can Now Clone Your Vagina

You may consider yourself a body-confident, sassy, babin’ empowered female but erm, have you even cloned your lady garden though? Yep, setting your v**ina in silicone and framing it for your father-in-law and all to see is now a thing and tbh, we’re totally for it.

Designer v**ina? Pffft, move on over. 2017 is all about the model v**ina – because our pussies are enough. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by setting aside some time for you, yourself and your private parts?

I mean, if ever there was a day to dedicate a solid 24 hours to appreciating your lady garden, it’s today.
We’ve been making models of erect penises for donkey’s years (ahem), albeit for slightly more practical purposes than wall art, so why should making moulds of our vajayjays be any more shocking?

The DIY clone-a-p*ssy moulding kits are available for £16.99 from Lovehoney – a small price to pay for original replica and/or personalised gift, delete as appropriate. They include a moulding scoop (a small bed-pan-like instrument), moulding powder and a 2-part silicone mix, but as this video tutorial demonstrates, you’ll need a few other household items like a mixing bowl too.

So cancel that pizza and wine night with your girl gang and invite them round for a foo-foo cloning party instead. Or, you know, do it in your own ‘me’ time: your p*ssy your choice, after all.

Source: Sofeminine

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