If You Notice These Characters In Your Colleague, S/he Secretly Likes You

Pay attention to the little things. Not the balloons or flowers for your birthday but the little notes being left for you. Bringing you coffee just the way you like it. Making sure all your messages are hand delivered. Watch for these little signs.

Purposely being called out. If that coworker constantly calls upon you, but you know he or she knows the answer, it may be a clear sign that he or she has a secret crush on you.

Talking and sharing life outside. Talking, texting and visiting outside the office is another guarantee a coworker secretly likes you. When you start sharing life’s little moments and look forward to the connection, you have someone with a secret crush on you.

First to arrive and last to leave. Watch the schedule of this person. If they arrive early like you or leave later than the other coworkers, this could be a sign they want to be alone with you but are too nervous to tell you they have a secret crush on you.

Partaking in silly little games. Has this person given you a silly little nickname? Or is he or she flinging rubber bands at you? Any childlike behavior comes through as a young person’s crush.

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