How To Handle Relationship Problems With A Clingy BF Or GF

Of course, coming directly at a situation can occasionally come off as harsh. We are all pretty vulnerable in those first tenuous months of dating: unsure of what is going on or where this all will lead. Any form of “I need space” can feel like the end. After all, you’re basically saying “I want to spend less time with you.”

But the goal isn’t to make your new love feel rejected! It’s important to be mindful of how you’re broaching such a delicate topic. Instead of making the conversation about you (which it is, but whatever), make it about the TWO of you.

Say you think the best relationships are forged from two independent people with their own lives in addition to the life they share. Make it clear that you see this going somewhere serious; and the last thing you want to do is screw it up before it has a chance to mature. See, doesn’t that sound docile? We like docile in these situations.