Couples Take Note: A Good Sense Of Humour Is key

Tastes differ. Some like people with good sense of humor while others feel it isn’t important. When it comes to serious relationships both sides agree that it’s better to date with a person with a sense of humor.

Psychologists admit that men with great sense of humor are more likely to find a girlfriend. So, girls would most likely choose only those who can make them smile.

It’s a matter of nature: men and women with a good sense of humor look more attractive. Their friends think they are smarter than an average person.

Often, such people have more friends and can easily get the job they want. It’s not a big deal for them to gain more success.


According to experts, people with great humor are more likely to become rich. Their IQ level is high and they have a great imagination. Such people are like Albert Einstein who discovered the law of gravity. He was both a genius and an easy-going person.

How to develop it?

1. You can begin with reading books. It might seem boring, but later on, you will figure out that it helps.

2. Practice. Some people are afraid others will not understand them the right way. Still, it’s better to keep on playing jokes.

3. Develop your spirituality. There is nothing more boring than talking to a person who can’t underpin their ideas.

What do you mean?

The reason some of the jokes fail is that people believe in their own things. Each of us has our own point of view about everything. Being in a company of those who understand you is a good practice. In this case, you’ll be happier. So, you’d better decide…

Can I get more signs of interest?

Sure. Each of us has a sense of humor, so you’d better use it. It’s a fact that boys are ok when the girl is not smart, but girls can’t stand it when a guy can not entertain them.

Relax and be yourself. The real “YOU” knows exactly how to win her heart or make him notice you. Have fun! But hold on…

Source: Pulse

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