Addae-Mensah Cautions Kabila – Daily Guide Africa

Bishop Mathew Addae Mensah

The presiding Bishop of Gospel Light International Church, Mathew Addae Mensah, has advised Kwabina Bonfe alias Kabila who is in the Supreme Court fighting government for the setting up of the Hajj Board and the construction of national interdenominational Cathedral.

The Bishop says although Kabila has the constitutional right, he should have weighed the spiritual repercussion on him and his party CPP before taking such an action.

“Kabila and his socialist and communist colleagues should be reminded that what they seek to do is tantamount to fighting God.”

Bishop Addae Mensah quoted several Biblical texts to buttress his point. “Paul of Tausus tried it and he was told ” it is too hard to kick against the prick” (Acts 9:5 ) in the days of Nehemiah, Tobias and Sanbalat tried to stop the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem and they  failed (Nehemiah 4: 7-8).

According to Bishop Addae Mensah, Britain who is the mother of secular democracy has Westminster Abbey as a national Cathedral for national religious events. “USA who pioneered separation of state from religion has a cathedral at the White House and National Cathedral at Washington, Russia the bedrock and cradle of Socialism and Communism which  Kabila takes inspiration from, has Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the tallest Cathedral in the world,” he said.

“Remember in 2008 when candidate Nana Akufo Addo was seeking the presidency, he made a pledge among the clergies he met in my presence that one of the many dreams he has for Ghana is to build National Cathedral in honour of God if God gives him the presidency.  The Hajj Board which was established by PDNC/NDC was instituted to solve pertinent problems which Ghanaian Moslems who undertake the Hajj went through as individuals,” he said.