Youth urged to be strategic thinkers

General News of Monday, 13 March 2017



KENNEth ASHIGBEYMr Kenneth Ashigbey- Managing Director of the Graphic Communications Group Limited

Speakers at a motivational forum in Ho have urged the youth to craft strategic and visionary plans capable of making them emerge as credible leaders of the coming decade.

It was observed at the forum that failure to strategise eventually led to the death of dreams.

The Managing Director of the Graphic Communications Group Limited, Mr Kenneth Ashigbey, said a goal without a plan was just a wish. He said a good plan must be guided by the right attitude, right skills, right networks and right resources.

“Planning would bring the future into the present, but while at it associated risks must be identified, accepted, mitigated and exploited.

“In some instances, the risks must be avoided or transferred. Take note that not all risks are negative because some can be positive,” he said.

Call for a self-reliant generation

Mr Ashigbey called for the current generation to be self-reliant, live within their means and to not overly rely on the consumption of foreign products to the disadvantage of goods produced locally. He said over-consumption of foreign products led the country to run into budget deficits.

He also urged the youth to be consistent with their savings because it could lead them over time to become resourceful in their adult years.

Springboard roadshow

Explaining the theme of the Springboard Road Show, Agenda 2027, Reverend Albert Ocran, a Minister of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), said it was always important to have a strategy because without a master plan one could not accidentally succeed in life.

He said even though there would be stumbling blocks in the course of one’s work, these should by no means determine the success or otherwise of the work because there was always opportunity for re-invention of skills to get back on track. 

He said after 10 consecutive editions of the Springboard Road Show, it had evolved into a national platform for human capital development and social transformation.

According to him, over 200 business executives, civil society leaders and role models had travelled nationwide to help mentor more than 150,000 youth and emerging leaders.

He said the road show was targeted to benefit one million youth by the end of 2027.

Essence of plan

A cardiologist at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Nana Akyaa-Yao, said because every individual had a unique mission to accomplish in life, going through it without a plan was dangerous.

She advised the participants to prioritise their plans and make judicious use of time, considering that not managing time properly could lead to failure.

The Chief Executive Officer of Old Mutual Insurance Company, Mr George Addison, said many prosperous countries were successful because they were driven by vision. He charged the youth to focus more on accomplishments rather than on money.

“Pursue excellence in your careers because if you cannot be the best then you cannot do what is best,” he said.