Our play was no waste of time – Agya Koo’s manager

Entertainment of Monday, 13 March 2017

Source: Graphic.com.gh


Kumawoodstars@ghana@601The Kumawood actors

During the Independence Day celebrations to mark Ghana’s 60th anniversary, a group of Kumawood actors led by Agya Koo performed a sketch. The sketch was on the need to take the girl child to school featured actors such as Agya Koo, Akrobeto, Maame Serwaa and a host of others.

It seems their efforts was not appreciated by some Ghanaians who have criticized them saying their act was a complete waste of time.

Among them are the general secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Johnson Asiedu-Nketsia who has rubbished the performance in no uncertain terms.

Showbiz sought to get the reaction of Agya Koo but he was not available as he was involved in an engagement in the Western Region. His manager Atta Aboagye was on hand to react.

Atta Aboagye expressed surprise at those who thought their performance was not on point, “How could anyone say the play was not nice and a waste of time?

“It was a national event and a historic one as such so we needed to choose a theme that will be relevant to the occasion and that is exactly what we did, “he said.

“We all know how difficult it is for some people to send their female children to school so if that was not relevant then I don’t know what else could have been relevant,” he explained.

According to Atta Aboagye, their biggest challenge on the day was with sound, “the sound on the day was terrible and that was our biggest challenge, the actor’s microphones had to be replaced with cordless ones and that distracted them a bit but apart from that, everything else was okay,” he said.

“People have read all sorts of meanings into this and I just don’t understand them because the sound issue was technical and nothing else, we even discussed it backstage after the performance but that is all there is to it, it was a purely technical issue,” he said.