Lifestyle: Somethings are more painful than infidelity – Ogochukwu Nweke

Entertainment of Monday, 13 March 2017

Source: Ogochwuku Nweke


Ogochwuku Nweke NewOgochwuku Nweke, Counselor and Relationship expert

Out of the burden of my work I speak to you and say-: That somethings are more painful than infidelity.

An abusive spouse; An insensitive spouse; A quarrelsome wife; A violent husband; A husband as foolish as Nabal who puts his household in harm’s way by his words and actions; A wife as treacherous as Jezebel who turns a man’s heart against his own people; A husband given to alcohol; A wife given to gossip

A husband who pursues his ambition and desires without recourse to his wife, making it obvious to her that she is unloved (like Jacob to Leah); A wife who wears her husband out with too much nagging that he gives up information that he is supposed to hold on to just to prove he loves her (like Delilah to Samson)

A husband who loves to stare at the naked bodies of women (lovers of porn) and salivates at the view, longing to have them – 2 Sam 11:2-4; A wife who loves and is enticed by the looks and bodies of younger men – Genesis 39:7-12

A wife who is unable to manage her jealousy; A husband who has a struggle with insecurity

One who is exposed to these challenges may at one time or another stumble into the succour of the chest of another man, or the bossom of another woman. Yes! Adultery it is… But woe as well, is he/she by whom any of these ones is led astray. It shall be better that a stone is tied round his/her neck and thrown into the river, than for he/she to face that which shall befall him/her.

Beware! The next time you accuse your spouse of infidelity, make sure you don’t have a hand in it.