I’m not shy to tell people I was once a lesbian – Ghanaian actress

Entertainment of Monday, 13 March 2017

Source: kasapafmonline.com


Abena Ghana1.jpegAbena Ghana

It is unusual for people who have once lived what is generally considered an immoral life in the past to accept and make amends especially with homosexuals and lesbians, but promising Ghanaian actress and a television show host, Cecilia Konamah, known in Ghana’s showbiz industry as Abena Ghana has said she is not worried to go public with her past life style being a LESBIAN.

According to her, she stopped being a lesbian three years ago and claims her husband is aware of her former way of life and that he feels comfortable with her in their marriage.

“I’ve done that before. Sure, I’m telling you for a fact. I’m not afraid to tell and I don’t feel shy too. That’s my past, I stopped about three years ago. I realized it was bad so I put an end to it. There are some things we’ve done in the past that we didn’t know they were bad. Now I’ve seen God and through some pieces of advice from people, I’ve changed.

“My husband is aware of that. Yes he knows that I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He has even said if I were to be in the gutters, he likes me as I am. I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware”, she said on Hello FM’s Entertainment show.

She noted that most celebrities pretend to live a ‘Holy life’ without blemish but for her she’s okay making known her past experience though she feels guilty of the immoral act. Abena Ghana apologised to her fans to forgive her for her past unethical life style.