5 Things To Look For In A Life Partner

We are at the end of the week, another set of lovebirds will be getting married tomorrow. As the number of marrieds are increasing so is also the number of divorcees. We may not exactly know who we are going to marry, but we should have a good idea of the characteristics our future spouse should have. These characteristics have nothing to do with looks and status and everything to do with what is needed for you and your partner to live happily ever after.

There are definite characteristics that indicate your partner may be a keeper. In order to be sure your are with the best person you want to spend the rest of your life with, check out these 5 things to look for in a life partner.


Whether they pray to God, honor the Universe or is a scientist at heart, it is important that your future spouse believe in something. And that something should be compatible with your beliefs. Our beliefs are who we are at the core, and we can’t build a long-term partnership when our beliefs are in conflict.


Being able to empathize with people says a lot about the character of a person. Showing compassion shows kindness and caring. If our partner treats others well, there is a good chance that kindness and compassion will be evident in our relationship. A kind heart tells us that our partners priorities are in order and that our relationship will be honored.


Our future spouse should be proud of our relationship and if he (or she) is then he will respectfully demonstrate his love for you openly and without reservation.

There will be no hiding, no shaming, and no secret love affair. Your partner enthusiastically introduces you to his friends and family and feels like the luckiest guy (or gal) in the world.


Fighting fair is a necessary component of successful relationships. It is inevitable that disagreements will happen. Knowing we can work through them respectfully and honestly will allow us to communicate from a place of truth. Fighting fair requires listening and accepting feedback with the intent of solving disagreements not placing blame.


Nothing erodes a relationship like holding a grudge around past mistakes. A future spouse is someone who can understand that mistakes happen and be willing to let it go. Moving past the mistake and leaving it in the past, where it belongs, is important to the growth of any relationship.

Source: Power of Positivity

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