10 Things that couples actually do on their wedding night

Entertainment of Sunday, 12 March 2017

Source: ultimateindian.com


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Wedding Night! The word itself is enough to make any person giggle. Eyebrows get raised and images of lots of fun surround your mind after hearing this word. But usually, sex is not the only thing that couples do on their wedding night. So what they actually do in the much-hyped wedding night?

Sleeping Yeah! You heard it right. Indian weddings are full of rituals, heavy makeup, and heavy outfit. After spending some sleepless night, most couples prefer to sleep than to do anything else.

Lots of talking

Couples prefer to open up before their life partner. They end up cuddling and talking to each other.

Packing for honeymoon

Soon after the big fat wedding, it’s the time for the honeymoon and they don’t have much time left for packing.

So they start their packing from the first day only.

Taking a bath together

After a tiring log event, couples take bath together to feel fresh. Besides feeling fresh, it is a great way to get romantic with your partner.

Opening gifts

Some of the couples can’t wait for the next morning to open those gifts. So instead of waiting for the next morning, they start opening up the gifts in the wedding night only.


Yes, wedding is an occasion no matter how hard you try, there is some aunty or uncle who pinpoints some defects. Some couples spend their night bitching about those people.

Resisting pranks

Pranks are often played by family and friends and couples actually get irritated with the continuous pranks that are played on them.

Playing family games

Some families have a ritual of playing games like find the ring on the wedding night. So instead of doing something else on their wedding night, the couples are all surrounded by the relatives.

Removing the makeup and undressing

A bride is so heavily dressed that some couple spends their whole night removing the multiple pins from the bride’s hair and cleaning up the heavy makeup.

Dream about sex

When it doesn’t happen on the wedding night, couples often dream about it in their dream. It’s Okay guys. it’s legit now. You can do it anytime you want.