Chief of Staff constitutes Forfeited Vehicles Disposal Team

A forfeited vehicles disposal team has been set up under the authority of the Chief of Staff, Joy News has learnt.

The team according to Joy News editor Evans Mensah has been tasked to sanitize the processes leading to the disposal of confiscated vehicles at the country’s ports.

The auction of the confiscated vehicles in the past has been opened to abuse with allegations that persons close to the corridors of power have been the greatest beneficiaries.

In 2009, a confiscated vehicles allocation committee was reconstituted by the Finance Minister at the time and tasked to streamline how confiscated vehicles are allocated.

Carl Wilson was appointed as chair of the Confiscated Assets Committee but was sacked by President John Mills in March 2010 following allegations of corruption that attended the allocation of confiscated vehicles.

He was accused of abusing his office and selling confiscated cars to his cronies at give away prices, an allegation he dismissed.

The issue of how to deal with confiscated cars at the ports has always been a thorny one. Many cars have been confiscated at the country’s ports for different reasons including, duties. However, how to dispose off them have been subject to different approaches by the government in power.

A letter intercepted by Joy News, names Kojo Agyeman-Prempeh as chairman of the new forfeited vehicles disposal team under the Akufo-Addo led government.

It is not clear yet who the other members of the committee are.

The chairman is expected to work under the supervision of the chief of staff, the letter indicated.

The new chair of the forfeited vehicles disposal team under the Akufo-Addo led government is expected to act with integrity.

“Your tenure as chairman of this team will be subject to your performance and integrity as determined by the office of the Chief of Staff,” the letter added.