Thoughts To Help You Get Through A Terrible Breakup

Literally everybody goes through this

I’m not special. Literally everybody goes through an awful breakup. As I walk down the street, the people around me, from the person walking on the street to that taxi driver have gone through this. And yet, here they stand—alive and smiling again.

This isn’t a real problem—I could be dying

Nothing bad is truly happening to my body. My lungs are delivering oxygen to the rest of me; my heart is pumping, I can see, smell, eat and move. It’s a shame, really, to waste this beautiful life and healthy body on wallowing.

My usual issues are nothing now

At least now my annoying coworker or my bossy landlord are nothing in comparison. I’m going to tell them exactly what’s on my mind because, honestly, I will not be silent and sad for one more person.

He really wasn’t great; here is why

Oh, remember that time he was a totally selfish a**hole on that vacation? Remember how much he totally disrespected my friend on her birthday? He really wasn’t perfect…

I was in worse shape when he was around

I may be sad now, but I was miserable when I was with him. If I think about it, really, I’m just feeling better now—or at least less terrible.

This is how I meet my right person

I wasn’t going to get to meet the person who is right for me if I stayed with the person who was wrong for me. This was just an important but painful step on the way to finding the one.