Signs That Show You Are Too Bossy In The House

Your partner scrambles when you get home

When you walk in the door, your partner jumps off the couch and starts nervously tidying up. He’s afraid that he must have missed something that you’ll get mad about. He does this, instead of greeting you with a hug and a kiss.

He won’t make simple decisions without calling you

He won’t choose a light bulb without calling you to make sure you approve of that light bulb. Why? Because he knows if it’s not exactly what you want, you’re just going to return it. Even if it is basically exactly what you want.

He says “Okay” and “Sounds good” a lot

When it comes to decisions around the house, “Okay,” “Yup,” “You got it,” and “Sounds good” are his favorite terms. They certainly wouldn’t be, “Well actually, I was thinking…” Oh no—that wouldn’t fly.

You take the phone out of your partner’s hand

When your partner is on the phone with the handyman trying to explain a problem in your house, you grab the phone out of his hand, mid-sentence, and take over.

You give him instructions for simple tasks

You give him instructions that are so long they take longer to read than the task would itself. You’d think your instructions on where everything goes in the fridge were a complex scientific equation.