[email protected]: Was Lilwin sidelined due to Agya Koo’s fear of popularity contest?

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Source: Entertainmentgh.com


Agya Koo Ghana@60 Newplay videoAgya Koo, Akrobeto, others at [email protected] parade

The celebration of Ghana’s independence anniversary was put together quite nicely, with a display of the country’s rich culture and values. It also saw some changes to the usual celebrations seen over the years – www.entertainmentgh.com noted, but clearly, one significant change piqued the interest of observers.

The ‘concert party’, a play performed by a group of ‘Kumawood’ actors was not expected but after it was done, many people received it with mixed feelings, with some calling it crass, classless and inappropriate.

Checks by www.entertainmentgh.com show that the play was put together by legendary actor, Agya Koo, who assembled a group of actors from ‘Kumawood’ for the exhibition, but conspicuously missing, was, arguably the most popular actor in Ghana now, Lilwin!

Sources claim that, LilWin’s snub was a deliberate move by Agya Koo, who was not ready to share the spotlight with his younger colleague.

There’s little doubt about LiWin’s popularity and the kind of reception he would have garnered had he made an appearance. That profound reception is said to have caused the legendary actor not to put a call through to Lilwin’.

It was Agya Koo who galvanized support for Nana Addo during the election campaign; he was the one who moved from city to city, village to village – clamouring for support for the now President. This was his gig, it was his moment and surely, he was not going to let no Lilwin grab all the cheers and the spotlight!