Business leaders gear up for EOBS 2017 – MyJoyOnline

Business executives, policy makers, among others are expected to participate in the annual Ghana Economic Outlook and Business Strategy Conference (EOBS) on March 22, 2017 at Tang Palace Hotel in Accra. 

The conference is to discuss issues on the evolution of mobile money and payment system in the country.

 This year’s edition of the event, which is in its 5th year with a growing international following, comes under the theme ‘Unlocking Ghana’s Economic Potential with Mobile Money & Payment System’. 

The event which is being organized by Africa Business Media (ABM), in conjunction with Ghana Business & Finance magazine(GB&F), is a must-attend event for both local and international businesses.

“The conference, which is now a highly anticipated event across the world, as usual, presents purposeful and poignant dialogue and resolutions, on issues that enhance the performance and growth of a particular sector under focus,” the General Manager, Martin Luther-King said.

He said that this year’s focus is on the management and ultimate unimpeded success of Ghana’s Mobile Money and Payment Systems which is a fast-growing system of payment globally.

“We thought we should provide the right platform to our domestic business environment to give the subject the attention it deserves now, so that, as a developing nation, Ghana would not be left behind in the ongoing global transition to cashless transactions,” he noted.

The banking, financial and telecommunication sectors and other related stakeholders are fully involved; crowned with the expected presence of the Central Bank.

The EOBS series, since its inception in 2012, has been attracting heavyweight sector specific sponsors and this year has not been different.

“Indeed, it is very characteristic of EOBS to hold out the justifiable attraction to Ghana’s distinguished corporate organizations because of the relevance of the issues it brings to the table. 

“The fact that it is essentially designed to involve those who fashion policies that shape Ghana’s economy and the business environment,” Josiah Spio-Garbrah, who is the Business Development Manager for the organizing company, ABM, explained.

 “So, in a nutshell, it is a forum for the government and the business community to sit down and jaw-jaw on what’s the best way to grow the private sector as partners.”

Eminent speakers at previous EOBS series include representatives from the Presidency, the Republic of Ghana; Ministers of State; Director-Generals and heads of State institutions;CEOs’ and captains of industry; heads of bilateral and multilateral support agencies, foreign and local investors, leaders of civil society organizations, heads of the diplomatic corps and foreign missions, media managers and other major stakeholders in the economy.

The previous conference recorded the attendance of over 275 delegates from 17 countries across five regions outside Ghana. So, EOBS 2017 is a highly anticipated gathering of many business leaders, policymakers, and investors.

Already organizations and institutions like the Securities and Exchange Commission, Association of Ghana Industries, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Margins Group, DDP Advertising, are some of the companies that have confirmed their partnership and sponsorship respectively. Talks with the usual government and institutional partners are being firmed up.

Africa Business Media (ABM), publisher of Ghana Business & Finance (GB&F) magazine, has been in existence for over three years.

ABM and its principal product, GB&F, have made a significant impact on the Ghanaian economic and business environment, being the only regular high-end monthly business magazine. 

In addition to the magazine, ABM has also diversified into the publication of specialized directories and reports as well as events management.

The Ghana Economic Outlook and Business Strategy Conference (EOBS) is in its fifth year (2017), and awareness, interest, and support for it, domestically and internationally, is growing. 

ABM’s first non-news publication, the Ghana Directory of Scholarships and Financial Assistance (GDSFA) occupies its own unique niche, as it has no competitors for the information it provides.