Berla Mundi turns up heat on Marwako abusive supervisor

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 March 2017



Berla Mawarko1Berla Mundi

TV personality Berla Mundi has added her voice to the Marwako Fast Food saga incident that occurred as unfortunate.

The incident that happened on the 29th of February involves Lebanese supervisor Jihad Chaaban who allegedly dipped the face of his employee Evelyn Boakye in a hot grinded pepper paste and locked her up for hours.

Berla Mundi has strongly denounced the assault terming it as a horrible practice from a foreigner, for which Ghana police must keenly follow up, investigate and punish the culprit accordingly.

In an Instagram post she said, “This is what happens when as a nation, we make the ‘white man or foreigner’ superior…. They come in here and act anyway they want because the laws don’t work”

“Imagine if this had happened in another country that is run by laws, and not some [bunch] of hungry officials who only think of how much money they can pocket or how they can stash their accounts with ‘papers’ while their people lay vulnerable and suffer at the hands of some unscrupulous human beings” she fumed.

The Lebanese supervisor in question has come out to apologize to the victim but Evelyn Boakye (the abused) has rejected his apology insisting that justice must prevail.

Read her full post below: