ADVERTORIAL: TECNO mobile social media handle on a ‘wrecking ball’ saga?

Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Source: Tecno Mobile (GH)


Tecno Advertorial 2TECNO mobile

If you’re a TECNO Mobile fan or just a passive follower of the brand on social media then, this post on the brand’s IG, Twitter and Facebook handles will surely startle you!

For most people, that’s a dildo or at least looks like one but for the brand (or its weird social media manager) it’s got to be our minds’ playing tricks on us.

The suggestive post which went live 22ND of February is calling for the longest story thread on social media.

Tecno Mobile fans are tasked to piece together a story, one fan at a time and make sense of #BiggerAndLonger hashtag of the social media activity; forget the imagery?, just tell your story from any captivating angle.

TECNO Mobile must be thinking but apparently some people can’t forgive the imagery…LOL.

One thing is certain the brand wanted our attention and it seems it’s getting fair amount of eyeballs on its page and they got some Social media kingpin talking about it.

David Mawuli the celebrity blogger and entertainment Journalist reacted to this suggestive post upon coming across it on his time line. It’s easy to say posts got everybody talking.

So, TECNO Mobile now you’ve got people talking….what’s up? Tell us you don’t make dildos now