Ghana has lost focus since Independence – Abeiku Sagoe

Entertainment of Monday, 6 March 2017

Source: GhanaWeb


Abeiku Sagoeeplay videoVeteran actor, Abeiku Sagoe

Veteran actor Abeiku Sagoe has noted that Ghanaians have misplaced the focus which the first President Nkrumah had for the country.

Speaking on the sidelines of Wogbejeke, a stage production aimed at telling the history of Ghana from the formative period of ethnic cohabitation and Independence, Mr. Sagoe stated that here have been “haywire since Independence”.

“Beyond the declaration of independence, we haven’t had the focus that Nkrumah and the others had, especially Nkrumah that we’re going for Independence…. After declaration of independence, after gaining our independence it’s been haywire then… at one point we are capitalists, another time we’re socialists, at another time we don’t know where we’re going and all that, so I think that we still as a nation have not drawn a focus…. he added.

Mr. Sagoe further questioned the trajectory being taken by the country, something he said he was still oblivious of.