Sex toys are meant to spice up sex life not to replace it – Actress

Entertainment of Sunday, 5 March 2017



Sonia FerrarriYoruba actress, Tonia Ferrari Okoro

Voluptuous Yoruba actress, Tonia Ferrari Okoro, born to a Nigerian father from Delta State by a Cameroonian mother, is looking up to achieve great things in the movie industry.

Leaving her juicy banking job, according to the actress, is a choice she made because of her passion and failing in the quest is certainly not an option. Having just wrapped up production of her own first film ‘Toke Gold’, it appears the actress hasn’t tread the wrong path in life after all.

Ferrari, as she is fondly called, is a very desirable woman but one who likes to take a look at the menu and make up her mind on what would suit her appetite.

While chatting with Potpourri, the issue of women who use sex toys came into the discussion and the actress minced no words in giving her candid opinion as regards a woman’s sex life and sex toys.

“Sex toys are interesting and experimental,” she told us. “ They are meant to spice up sexual act not to replace them. On that note, a woman can’t depend on sex toys for sexual satisfaction, in my own opinion, it is just to spice up for more excitement,” she said.

We then asked her if a woman should use toys at all. Her reply: “ Well, it depends on the individual’ s mentality. Some women like it and some don’t. But the truth is that many women use it these days but they won’t tell you the truth because of our society.

I don’t use it but I have heard many discuss it and they say it’s fun.” Speaking about her career and how far she can go in expressing herself, she said, “I honestly have no limits when it comes to acting.

As an actress, I believe I should be able to take on any role given to me, as long as its not in disharmony with my values and beliefs. As an African woman, I cannot go nude of course.

I think the normal fake romance on set is the maximum I can for now. When it comes to sex scenes I can do that too but not to the extent of going nude and showing my privates to the world.”