Religious differences and believes must not divide us – Akufo Addo to Ghanaians

General News of Friday, 3 March 2017



Akufo Addo ReligionPresident Akufo-Addo

President Akufo Addo has urged Ghanaians to remain united and not to allow religious differences and believes to divide the country.

According to him, national cohesion among people of diverse backgrounds is the surest way to build Ghana into becoming the prosperous nation we’ve all yearned for over the years.

The President was speaking at a Muslim thanksgiving prayers at the National Mosque at Abossey Okine in Accra, on Friday, March 3, ahead of Ghana’s 60th Independence anniversary celebration which comes off on 6th March.

“Let us continue to stay as one, diffrent peoples, different religions, different believes but united all as Ghanaians and united in our vision of developing our country as a free prosperous nation that is governed by the rule of law in which human rights are respected. That is the vision of the founders of our nation and that is the vision we have to continue to realize in our time.”

He added: On this time I pray that the Almighty not only continues to bless our nation, but continues to give wisdom and strength to those of us who He has appointed to guide the affairs of our country. I see from the Almight wisdom and strength, compassion and courage to do the right thing to all manner of peoples in Ghana without ill-will or malice and without favour to anyone,” President Akufo Addo said.

He further commended the Chief Imam, Sheik Osman Nuhu Sharabutu for his leadership in Ghana describing him as one of the most prominent spiritual forces in Ghana, praying that he [Chief Imam] lives long to help the country.