Sweet Ghanaian nostalgia hits West Hills Mall

Business News of Friday, 3 March 2017

Source: asempanews.com


Hills 1All is set at West Hills Mall for the historic journey into the 60s and 70s

West Hills Mall, Accra’s trendiest family shopping destination, has announced it has dedicated the entire month of March to invoking the fine things and memories of Ghana’s good old days for the delight of customers and its patrons.

Already, every conceivable space at the mall has been draped in national colours and decor with images reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s and hanging down the roofing all along the walkways are giant images of the proverbial ‘Big Six’ statesmen of Ghana.

“But that is just what goes for our Independence ambience and the look and feel of what we have for you this month,” said Marketing Manager Michael Konadu.

“The real excitement we are offering our customers and patrons is that, we are using the next four weeks to recall and celebrate the beauty, splendour and purity of food, fashion and entertainment in the good old 1960s, 70s and 80s,” Konadu said.

The mall would display food dishes of the past and how they used to be served back in the 60s, 70s and 80s and compare these with today’s cuisine and service techniques. There would be a similar showcase of fashion, electronic gadgets and general entertainment.

Each week of the month of March will be dedicated exclusively to a category of food, fashion, electronics and entertainment and these will be celebrated along with a variety of other activities. Mall management has also confirmed that a Trolley Dash competition will be run among shoppers throughout the month to enable lucky shoppers win something in independence month.

“It is Ghana’s 60th anniversary and West hills Mall is eager to make a positive impression on our customers, patrons and friends on the occasion of this historic milestone of our country. That’s why all our shops have committed to ensuring that our shoppers get the best of service throughout the month,” Konadu said.

Over the period, Ghanaian tenants at the mall have committed to aggressively promote Made-In-Ghana goods and services and nearly every shop has already begun a special [email protected] Sales’ (a sidewalk sale) which, according to Mall Management, will end on Independence Day proper–March 6.

A special variety show featuring music, comedy and oratory recitals has been scheduled to crown off West Hills Mall’s celebration of Ghana’s 60th Independence anniversary, according to management.